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Rajvansh Films is a growing film and television production company founded in the scenic beauty of the snow-clad, Himachal Pradesh in 2012 and has its office in the dream city Mumbai. With proven creative and technical brilliance, we are providing efficient Film production, TV Commercials, Web Videos, Web Series, Travel video, Corporate Promos, Industrial Videos, Event shoot, Editing Solutions and Line Production Services.


Rajvansh Films is a Mumbai based production house specialised in Tv and movie production, corporate ads, short film, wedding films and photography, documentaries, Film training academy, photography training academy and much more. We also conduct some programs like Direction, Screen Writing, Cinematography, Editing, Acting and Dance at Palampur, Himachal.




We believe that joy of being creative is beyond words and telling compelling stories is a craft in which passion and innovative efforts are weaved around an idea that inspires, grab attention and compel action. Our Pre to Post-production services are for all kind of projects; we have a team of highly experienced and passionate individuals who are creative in their field.

We take care of each project from concept to completion and provide crisp attention grabbing scene transitions and incredible audio and sophisticated refinement. If you want to stand out, Rajvansh is your go to production company in Mumbai.

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Anshul Dhiman

founder / director & producer

Geetanjali Sihna

director & writer

Sebastian K Anthony