Production Services

Exceptional video is not just captured, but also it requires creative thinking, complete patience, and meticulous planning be it a commercial, documentary or film production. Rajvansh Films helps you achieve your goal. Films created by us are not just of supreme quality, but also very compelling. We are a premium provider of the crew, logistics, budgeting, and equipment to clients. We organize production plans that are truly a class apart. Irrespective of the geographical differences; all our production services come with unbending standards. Our crew is highly talented and experienced professionals who have successfully delivered a number of projects along with their career in this field.

Our credibility lies in the production of films, advertisements, travel, short films, documentary productions, event and music video shoot, landscaping and architectural shoot, portfolio, commercial photography, and shoots all over the Indian continent.

Budgeting and logistics

Once the entire requirement is specified from the part of the client Rajvansh Films reviews every bit of the information and work out a budget with consideration to even the minutest of details. We chart out a plan that lies within your deadline. 

After receiving the script, we will assist you for pre-production and production phase. We will evaluate the total budget and entire production cost, send you the estimates within 24 hours along with guidelines and location suggestions.

Filming Permits

A crucial job for any film production company in India is to acquire all the necessary film permits and permissions. Rajvansh Films can help production companies, advertisement agencies or corporate filmmakers who are planning to shoot films, video or TV commercials project obtaining filming permits.

We also provide studios as well as real location, our experts guide you the locations of your choice, suggest as many as options available in India and abroad. You could also browse through our location library which has a large number of photographs all over the world.

Casting And Hiring

Our extensive network lets us find the cast who fall within the requirement of the script. Whether you need a cast of one or thousands, Rajvansh Films can help. We work with a network of casting agents throughout India and abroad to find and hire the right talent for your film, advertisement, theatre, music video and television. We generally cast minor roles, background artists/models, dancers and singers as close to the location of the shoot as possible so that you can save money.

Celebrity Management

We arrange stars according to the budget. May it be from television, movie, music or sports. From celebrity negotiations, security planning, ticket planning, license liasoning and crowd management, Rajvansh Films has professional team which enables us to take multiple city tours simultaneously. 

Crew Movement Services

The quality and efficiency of the travel and accommodation arrangements for your shoot have a great impact on both the budget and success of your whole project. Rajvansh Films find you the best deals possible at suitable hotels either a luxurious and heritage hotel or the budget stay and also make sure that your transport is efficient, punctual, comfortable, and reliable. Tented accommodation in desert can also be arranged for adventure lovers. We actively manage crew management services like airport pick and drop, lodging, transportation, and catering services. Travelling by air, trains or private vehicles can also be arranged.

  • Airport Pick & Drop Services
  • Lodging Services
  • Luxury cars & bikes for Transportation
  • On Site Catering Services
  • Site Selection Assistance
  • Personal Chauffeur Services

Equipment Rental Services

Rajvansh Films has the latest gears and gadgets to help you convert your dream into reality. We can help you find the right equipment; we rent cameras ranging from, but not limited to Sony A7S2, Sony FS 7, Black Magic URSA, Canon 5d Mark 4, and RED epic to underwater cams. Stabilizers, drones, dollies, cranes and lighting gears can be made available easily at your disposal.

Many times filmmakers have to pay double or work with whatever they have available under challenging terrains, as they do not have any choice. Fortunately, you do not have to face challenges if you are shooting in any such location as we can arrange the required equipment at a nominal price, so you need to get in touch to explore the equipment we can make available for you.

  • Lighting and Accessories
  • Tripods, Gimbals and Jib
  • Audio Gears
  • Shooting kits
  • Video Gear

Post Production Services

Our talent and commit to exceeding your expectations sets us apart from other post production houses. We take care of all the things from small to big to make an event grand like music composition, arrangement & production, programming, sound mixing (stereo 5.1 and dolby), dubbing,  english subtitle, sync-sound, foley and celebrity management. Rajvansh Films offer high quality video content that includes

  • Editing
  • Background Score
  • VFX
  • Effects and Mixing
  • Films Trailer
  • Censor Certification
  • Films Distribution

Programs and Courses

Rajvansh Films also conduct some programs in palampur, Himachal for acting, dancing, direction, cinematography, screenwriting, film making and editing. These all are certificate course based programs, which enables the  young talent of Himachal to become the part of film industry.